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Seeking Adventure (without a baby)

Today I wanted to post about sofas. I wanted to compile all the pictures of the sofas we have been using since moving to DC to show how I had styled them differently and why it was time for new ones. And perhaps, one day, we will get to that exciting post.

But as I was sifting through my pictures, I kept running into memories of places we have lived and visited. I was particularly getting stuck on all our overseas adventures. I will always be grateful for all the traveling we got to do as a pair before we had a little baby to look after. Earlier this year we went to England and Iceland and although there were definitely some fun parts, it is not the same traveling with a baby.

We have our first trip without Nouri coming up in a few weeks and I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it. Its going to be great to travel without a bunch of baby things. It will be so refreshing to be able to go into any restaurant we want without worrying if it is kid friendly. We won’t be responsible for nap times and feedings and entertaining a little human.

But we will miss her so, so much. To provide some context, we miss her when she goes to bed every night! Don’t get me wrong, we love our own time each evening but at some point, each night, we look at the monitor and kiss it again and again and reflect on how lucky we are to have our little angel. So, to some degree, my heart will be suspended until we see Nouri again. But I hope it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the adventure we have in store.

Before we had Nouri, I remember so many conversations with Feraz about how I wanted to maintain different facets of our life after we became parents. To crave and want adventures does not make us any less loving and devoted parents just as wanting some evenings out doesn’t make us any less caring and devoted to each other. It is all part of striking a healthy balance between the different parts of our life.