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On that midnight train to Georgia…

Sorry for the recent absence! Feraz and I just got back from a week in Costa Rica where we celebrated our sixth anniversary and followed it up for a night in Hotlanta! We didn’t have our phones or laptops and it was amazing! I was going to do an extensive write up on the trip but fortunately/unfortunately there are several other things I want to write about which are more pressing to me so instead I will give you an album with lengthy captions. (Kind of lame of me to do in a “travel blog,” I know!)

Three trips for Costa Rica travel:

  1. Go to EMS and buy two pairs of active pants that tear away into shorts and are fast drying. Also invest in some of Patagonia’s underwear and socks that don’t require heavy washing.
  2. Make at least somewhat of a plan and pick a home-base from where you will do most of your traveling.
  3. Do every adventure activity you can but be ready to pay the price!!

At the end of our trip I flipped through my passport to notice there are just two empty pages left. I feel so lucky and happy that I have pushed myself to travel and am especially thankful for this most recent adventure. Despite all the mishaps we encountered, Feraz and I made the most of it and had a really great time. This anniversary trip showed me how well Feraz and I have come to know each other, how much we have grown as a couple and how strong our bond has become. I pray that our love always continues to grow and that God always protects our marriage. A while back I wrote about trusting someone so much that with your eyes closed and without thinking you can fall back and know they will catch you. This trip and these last six months have shown me more than ever how Feraz more than anyone in my life has lived up to this high standard of trust. So, I thank you my love and when I say happy anniversary it is most happy for me who has been so blessed to have you in my life!

Finally, I will say that the more I travel, the more people I meet and the more of the world that I see, I only become more firmly resolved to the basic fact that will drive the rest of my life. This is a world worth saving. 

Click Here for Costa Rica Pictures

Life is Only a Moving Picture

Today was such an amazing day but I will try to blog about this weekend all in one go early next week. And after my last text-heavy post I thought you all might enjoy some laid back picture viewing time.  

Here are pictures from our time in the UK and some pictures of our life in Turkey from when Erik and Krishna came to visit. Enjoy!

Erik and Krishna Come to Visit Turkey!

Glorious Britain!

Life is only what you make out
So make the verses rhyme and all the pieces fit
There isn’t any time to make much sense of it
It soon fades away
Oh no oh oh no

Life is only a moving picture
Nothing in life is a permanent fixture
Oh no oh oh no