Road Trippin

Hi friends! Sorry for the absence but the wedding was all consuming and I didn’t think you would want to read post after post about how tired I was! All the hard work and planning paid off and Qasar and Val had a beautiful and memorable wedding. The best compliment paid to it was that it felt just like being in Pakistan! It sure did! I loved having all our extended family around. Seeing everyone so happy and enjoying themselves was the best part of the break by far. I also loved seeing old friends and people from the community.  DC has its perks but its no Michigan!
I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures but I promise to blog about all the wedding festivities once I have some photo documentation to go along with the posts. In the meantime, here are pictures from our road trip from Michigan to DC. Hope you enjoy!

Every good road trip begins with you waking up just as your husband walks into the room with coffee and donuts to eat in bed!
We opted for healthy snacks for the car though. Snack shot 1.
I feel really lucky to be able to read in the car without getting sick. I got through a good deal of my book which I’ve had sitting around for a few weeks now.
My turn as DJ included this and a lot more like it.
Healthy (?) snack 2. So good!
Feraz had Fahad turn on the Euros on his TV and put the phone by it so he could hear what was going on. True story.
England scored! This was preceded by a fist pump and yell.

Doesn’t everyone want to wear a mask and take random pictures? 1 of many.
Nice truck.
Our ride. We fell in love with this car. Drives great and holds so much stuff. Life is full of surprises.
Almost in Pennsylvania. 

Must be time for another picture. 2 of many.
Snack 3. Has nuts. Is healthy.
Reflection. 3 of many.
Always looking good.

4 of many.
Not even staged. What a man.
Gulab jaman in parking lot. 5 of many.
Almost home!
Grateful for dumbwaiter.

Came home to all these sweet surprises! Perfect ending to a great road trip.

And a little treat for you who can’t eat these goodies.

(Today I am grateful to be home and for courage.)

Notes from today so far

1. I hate getting manicures and pedicures. When will I learn and stop thinking it will be different this time?

2. The best part of driving again is sneaking up on Feraz when he is taking a walk, rolling down the window and saying, hey little boy, if you get in the car, I’ll give you some candy. As the neighbors watch on.

3. I have an infinite amount of respect for people who live with chronic pain. I want to claw my face off and I even realize that this tooth pain is not that severe. It is just my poor gums trying to heal.


Please be prepared for the most disjointed entry to ever be on this blog. I blame it on sleep deprivation.

Usually I have a million things I want to write about but the last two days have just been a blur of decorations, driving, coffee, eating, driving, listening to wedding music, eating, driving, etc. etc.

I have finished getting the house ready for the most part, have checked off most my to do lists and only have three or four things to do tomorrow but one of those things is to make the slideshow! Yikes!

I have been driving 2-3 hours every day since I’ve been here. It blows my mind that just a few weeks ago, I didn’t know if I would be able to drive again at all! I still think I would get really scared if it started to rain but even driving in the dark has been ok. If this keeps up, I may be driving in DC one day!

My teeth have been really bugging me. For the first few days I would be able to dull the pain with a constant supply of Motrin but that’s not working anymore.

Tonight Feraz and I went to IAGD for Isha prayer. It was so nice to see the steps that I used to sit on during Sunday School break, the front lawn where my little friends and I used to talk about our futures and to be reminded of all the great memories I have of the people there. Praise God!

For your viewing pleasure, here is a song I was going to use in the slideshow for the baby pictures part but then I decided not to because I guess it sucks? It made me cry though.

Michigan Wedding Week!

This week, I’m home in Michigan for my brother’s wedding! I’ll be posting about all the fun things that are going on and hope you enjoy the ride.

My brother’s wedding will be extra fun because it is going to be a Thai-Pakistani wedding. I am already salivating thinking of all the great food we are going to eat this week!

Today, I got to meet Val’s mom and their family friend. We spent a lot of time hanging out in their hotel, trying on outfits and getting excited for the upcoming days. I know that a big cultural wedding can be a real hassle but so far I’ve had so much fun planning and moments like today, where we were all just sitting around relaxing and having fun make me really happy and I’m so glad we have them.

So, stayed tuned for more about the wedding and in the meantime, here are some pictures from the last couple of days.

I went through my second round of dental treatments in Costa Rica this past weekend. The two dentists are in the back and Jose with the polo shirt was the nice man who carted me around San Jose from the airport to appointments and to my hotel. 
The first day was about seven hours in the chair and I finally started crying at one point when the pain was unbearable. I asked to take a break and went in the bathroom to wash my face. When I came out, the whole staff was holding a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me in Spanish! They even rolled the rs on my name perfectly! It was so touching.
They got me a Chilean torte cake. It was so good! They used a candle on it that they have used for seven years. Whenever a patient has a birthday they light that candle. I wished that the rest of the procedure would be pain free and it was! It is amazing how having a relaxed mind can help you! 
Cake and Coke in the dentist office. Beautiful.
They sent me home with half a cake. This is how I felt. 
Today I went to visit my friend Tim who was in a motorcycle accident. He broke lots of parts and was in the hospital for two weeks. He is going to be ok though. And that is the most wonderful thing.

These guys love Tim and are doing a great job taking care of him. They are also great at going to Cederland with me.  
If you get hit by a SUV while on a motorcycle, I will put stickers all over a box for you too. Good deal, yeah?

Cederland. The most magical place.
Michael gets really excited at Cederland. Someone needs to tell him to calm down.
Wedding crafts.
Plastic flowers are a must.