112 for 112 – Final Update

Last year, I set 112 goals for myself. I decided to revisit the list and see how much progress I made overall.

I accomplished 66 of my goals which is about 60%. Although that might not seem great, I am happy I made the list and know I wouldn’t have done some of the things unless I had written down what I wanted to accomplish. Instead of making 113 for 2013, I am going to pull out the goals I didn’t accomplish in 2012 and focus on accomplishing them in 2013.

1. Do not go on the internet outside of work for 1 week. Last year, I quit my job in July so I didn’t have as much time to work on this one as I would have liked. 
2. Visit three new states. We did a lot of traveling this year but I am pretty sure we didn’t visit any new states. A good goal for 2013.

3. Go to Michigan at least six times. This year, we went to Michigan four times but each time we went for 5-10 days so even though we went less times than 2011, we ended up spending more time there. Hopefully 2013 will bring us a permanent move to Michigan.
4. Run one race, no matter the length. Irrational fears always make me stop running when I am gaining momentum. Hopefully this year, I will conquer my fears and running.

5. Sell or give away everything in my Ebay box at home. (This is a box of things I plan to sell on Ebay one day.) This box just watches me from my closet. 

6. Buy a car. If we move to Michigan, this will be more likely. I don’t see the need for a car in DC though.

7. Speak at one conference. 

8. Bake a treat for all the people in our building. Need to do this before we move!

9. Invite all the people in our building for a get together. Not sure I want to do this one anymore!
10. Send five birthday cards in the mail. I got to three this time!

11. Send five care packages in the mail. Did three of these too! Will work harder in 2013.

12. Pay for a stranger’s cup of coffee. No excuse for not getting this one done. 

13. Hand out ten $5 subway gift cards to homeless people. Got to five.
14. Lose ten pounds. I did lose them. Then gained like 20.

15. Break my sugar addiction. On day 4 of low sugar. Hope to get it done to only sugars from fruits soon.

16. Take Feraz to the UP. This will be much easier if we are living in Michigan!

17. Make a Ramadan calendar like an advent calendar.

18. Decorate the house for Eid.

19. Host chand raat if we are not in Michigan for Eid.

20. Give Feraz his birthday, Eid, anniversary gifts, etc. on the actual day. This was far more ambitious than it seemed when I wrote it down.

21. Write a meaningful card for each.

22. Become friends with at least one of the fifty bloggers I read regularly.

23. Organize my pictures.

24. Buy a real camera.

25. Take a photography class.
26. Memorize Surah Yasin.

27. Write 20 letters. And mail them.

28. Pack 14 lunches.
29. Don’t drink soda for one month. On day four of this as well.
30. Go to a basketball game.
31. Visit the Library of Congress.
32. Write my will.

33. Create a scholarship. Started to do this but dropped the ball. Will contact the relevant people again.

34. Learn to swim. Errr… I don’t know if this one will ever happen.

35. Take a self-defense class.

36. Buy pepper spray.

37. Go shooting.

38. Fly a kite. I may have done this in 2012… not sure.
39. Fill out a nice comment card. I thought I did this but can’t pinpoint it so will try again.
40. Memorize a poem.

41. Email an old teacher.
42. Return books I have borrowed.
43. Sell something on Ebay.
44. Make an origami something.
45. Send someone flowers just because.

46. Make Feraz a really good breakfast in bed.