from the clouds

I love flying. I love the feeling of the plane picking up speed, looking down and watching as the plane lifts off the ground. I love seeing everything below and finding places I know. I love thinking of the little people looking up and thinking that someone is looking down at them. When I was little I would watch airplanes and imagine who was on the plane. I would make up stories about the people and I would daydream about the next place I would go.

I love that on a plane you can watch three movies in a row and no one judges you. I love being able to read and being able to push a button and someone will bring me a drink or a snack. I love that no one can call me. I love that I don’t have to check my blackberry and I love that I am cut off from the internet and the world. 

But my very favorite, favorite thing about planes is flying through the clouds. When there are clouds outside I can’t peel my eyes away. As you may know, I absolutely love the sky. One of my favorite things to do is lay on my back in a wide open space and pretend I am falling into the clouds. I love that when I am flying, I am there, in that place I fell into so many times.  
Sorry this post isn’t all there. Hope you are having a great Tuesday. Here is a nice song and video for you.
(Today I am grateful for doctors who have answers.)

How not to spend 30 hours.

Check out of hotel Sunday at 1 pm.
Arrive at SJO.
Go through security.
Learn that flight is cancelled.
Exit airport to get a new ticket issued.
Be told that bags are still at baggage claim.
Go back to get bag.
Not allowed to go back in.
Wait for someone to come escort me.
Go through security again.
Wait one hour in line to get new ticket and vouchers.
Go to Hampton Inn.
Eat dinner at Dennys.
Sleep half an hour.
Eat breakfast at Dennys.
Go to airport at 5 am for 7 am flight.
Go through security.
Flight leaves after 8.
Miss connecting flight because of delay.
Wait to get a new ticket.
Go through security.
Watch security guard find jar of honey in my carry on.
Watch him say, I’m going to let this go.
Bless him one thousand times.
Go to new gate and wait for boarding with the Real Housewives of DC.
Board plane.
Wait one hour on the plane.
Land in DC at 7 PM on Monday.

Never fly American Airlines again.

(Today I am grateful for coming home to a clean house and lots of cooked goodness in the fridge.)

traveling for the first time

On my flight to Costa Rica, I sat next to a boy who was in middle school. He was part of a large group of students from New York who were going to Costa Rica for a week to practice their Spanish and learn about the culture.   

It is so amazing to see the excitement of someone so young as they go on their first big adventure. When the plane made its descent, he looked over my shoulder in wonder (I didn’t think to give him the window seat. This probably explains some bad karma later). “It is so beautiful,” he says softly. There is no machismo there. There is no need to act cool. I turned to him and in my most serious, Iamreallyoldsoyoushouldlistentome voice, I said, “Make sure that this is only the beginning. If you have to save all your money, if you have to take an year off college, whatever you have to do, make sure you travel. See all the places you can because the world is full of so many amazing things and so many amazing people and so many amazing ideas. And when you travel, you have a key to all those things.”

I hope he listens. I hope that the promise of the world opens to him and those eyes that are full of innocence and wonder always stay that way.

Also, I love this song and video:

(Today I am grateful for a smooth first day in CR.)


Have you seen the movie Once? It is one of my favorite movies and I recommend you check it out if you haven’t seen it!

Here is one of my favorite songs from the movie.

(Today I am grateful for a surprise dinner at Sichuan Pavilion with dear friends.)