Have you heard of MiiR? They are a company that has adopted the Tom’s 1 for 1 philosophy with a twist. For each water bottle you purchase for them, they help make it possible for a person to have water for one year.

Today LivingSocial has a $10 for $20 deal on their bottles. Check it out and learn more about MiiR here.

To top it off, aren’t these bottles so sleek and stylish? I will be getting two of the insulated bottles so I can use them for lemonade in the summer and chai in the winter.

They also have lots of fun options to mix and match.

Wall of Clocks?

I like the idea of having a wall of clocks in the house. We have a hallway that goes on forever and I am thinking of covering one of the walls with all sorts of clocks.

Check out this clock backdrop, one couple used for their wedding.

via Green Wedding Shoes

How about a wall of one clock in different colors?
via besttopdesign
There might be too much going on in this room.
via Mixandchic
I love this idea. Could bring so much texture and depth into a room.
via RuthiAuda

For a classy look.

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