capitol river cruise

We went on the Nightingale for a Capitol River Cruise last night.We thought it would be a good opportunity to see the cherry blossoms and even though we got a peek at the blossoms, it was the glorious sunset that stole the show. I love being outside around water or forests but I think my absolute favorite thing in nature is the sky. Some of my favorite moments in life have been lying on my back and looking up and feeling like I am falling into the sky.
Here are some great unedited shots of the sky from last night. I highly recommend doing the 7:00 ride which picks up in Georgetown and takes about half an hour.


Memories of Water on World Water Day

One of my earliest memories is from when we lived in Pakistan. I remember on cold mornings when my brother would take a little pitcher like the one in the picture below and he would pour water in my hands so I could wash my face. Then I would do the same for him. I remember the water being so cold and gasping when it hit my face. We didn’t have any water source at that house until my sister was  born.


My mom used to walk down to my grandparents house and fill clay pots with water from the large well. I remember watching her slight body carry those large pots full of water on her head without any difficulty. When I was a little older I would help her pull the water from the well.


I remember the day my sister came home from the hospital. My mom was sitting with her on a woven bed and in the background men were installing a water pump. For the next year I would love pumping up and down and filling the buckets with water whenever we needed them. What a luxury it was to get water so easily.


As I would grow up my memories of water would take on a different context. There would be the great water of the Atlantic ocean as I flew to America for the first time. There would be the water of the Great Lakes as I grew up in Michigan. The water of the Bosphorus as I learned to live in Istanbul and now there is the water of the Potomac that we walk by on warm evenings.

From a trip to the UP.
From a frequent ride on the ferry in Istanbul.

I realize what a privilege it is that my current thoughts of water are filled with happy memories. It is amazing that so much of the world doesn’t have access to clean water, leading to thousands of deaths every day. Matt Damon is the co-founder of and he wrote this great piece in the Huffington Post encouraging us to use our voices to bring attention to this issue. I hope you will join me in giving thanks for access to clean, safe water and if you can, I hope you will donate to the UNICEF Tap Project or

storms and spring

Just a few moments ago, I was having my cake and tea for breakfast and watching the rain come down but in an instant the rain intensified and a storm rolled through. My whole body felt tense because in a home like ours, you feel like you are caught inside the storm.
When it rains in our apartment, it feels like we have a tin roof and that the skylights must all be made of plastic.  And when it storms like it is doing now, it is so loud in the house that it feels like the roof will fall in. Each lightning bolt floods the apartment with light. And when the thunder strikes, I see the tea cups on the buffet rattle.

I feel like I am in Tissot’s “A Passing Storm.” (via the Romantics

But within minutes the storm is over. There is only the sound of water trickling out of the gutters. It is a gentle and calming sound. The pink light of daybreak is escaping the blues and grays of the sky. My tea is still warm and it soothes me again.

I love sitting on the couch and watching the weather and sky change. I am reminded of the constant shifting of life and how quickly things can go from one way to another. When things are good or bad, my mom always reminds me that neither state lasts forever. It is a truly beautiful thing.

Right after the storm from our family room window. 

A few minutes later. 

Happy first day of spring! May we always embrace the changing seasons.