Dreaming of Small Living

This weekend we took a quick trip to State College, PA. We tend to wait until the last minute to book places whenever we travel so Airbnb is perfect for us. The apartment we booked was perfect. It had one bedroom, a family room and a bathroom. Being in such a small, cozy place reminded me how much I love the family being close together. Although its not something I would like to do regularly, it was so nice to have Nouri sleeping in her travel crib just a few feet from us.

Our house is not huge as houses go but for the three of us, there is so much unnecessary space. At any given moment, we can all be on a different floor. This weekend I was reminded how much I love smaller spaces and how much I want our forever home to be a more efficient use of space. As an added benefit, I will be able to eavesdrop on all my kids’ conversations!

I have been looking at some dreamy small spaces to tide me over until our next move. I love how high ceilings and tons of windows can open up small floor plans.

From gofminin.de via Pinterest.
via littlethings.com
via countryliving.com
Photo from Lincoln Barbour via Curbly.com
via designboom.com

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