I’m worse at what I do best

There is a game I play on the metro. It’s called Guess Whose BO? 

It might seem like an easy enough game to play but it is more complicated than you might think. The smell doesn’t always hit right when the person comes near you. Sometimes when the train jerks and people are scrambled about, you catch the whiff. It can be extremely hard to identify the culprit in the mass of people.
Other times there is a whole long row of people with their arms raised up holding on to the stirrups for support. It’s easy to look accusingly at the disheveled man with the tom and jerry shirt on or the overweight person that is trying to cough up the entire contents of their throat. 
But life is not so simple. Sometimes it is the lady with her hair perfectly curled. Or the man with the smart suit on. My eyes now dart from person to person, knowing that any one of them may be transporting the smell that is creeping into my skin, making me fear that it will follow me for the rest of my life.

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