Family First Family Last

They surprise you sometimes. When I first found out that I messed up with this whole Visa thing, my number one concern was my family. I thought of how much my parents would yell at me for being so dumb as to going into a country to study without even reading up on the Visa requirements. I was stressed out about the lecture I would get from my brother for having to stay with him for a week for my carelessness.
My parents told me who cares? My brother said of course I could stay with him. In fact, everyone has gone way beyond what they need to do to help and make me feel better about my stupidity.
My mom said mistakes happen and that’s life. My dad told me that there is nothing worth being stressed about. May God protect them. They always pay for my mistakes that I can’t afford. I don’t know how I would get through some of these times without them.
I ask if you could please say a sincere prayer for my mom and dad who have carried me so many times in my life. Thank you.

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