Santameera Clause

This past Thursday I was the Santa Clause at my work’s holiday party.

It started innocently enough. Word around the office was that every year someone dressed up as Santa and handed out the Secret Santa presents at the holiday party and gave gifts to the kids. 
A person has some dreams in life. They write them down on a sheet of paper. And over the years, if they are lucky, they check them off one by one.
On Thursday I checked off one of my dreams.
But I have to say, playing Santa in my mind was very different than playing Santa in real life. Getting into the costume was much harder than expected. It was very hard to make everything look real but eventually I think we did a pretty job. 
The best part was the first moment I walked out. The kids went nuts. The first kid that saw me had an extremely excited look on his face. He grabbed his head. Turned in a circle as if he didn’t know what to do and then ran into the hall to tell all the other kids, “Santa is here!!!”
I heard a stampede and suddenly a ton of expat kids were jumping around me. It was very exciting. For a few seconds. Then someone tried to pull off my beard. 
From that moment on there was a divide. The kids that believed (which diminished as they noticed my manicured nails and high heels) and the kids that were trying to figure out who I really was. 
One of the highlights was when one of the kids put up his hands when everyone was jumping on me and said, “Hey guys, have a little respect. This is Santa.”
One woman came up to me and said, “There aren’t many firsts these days but I’d have to say a Pakistani, Muslim, female Santa has got to be a first.” 

This is honestly how much fun I have work at every day. I love my job. I had to cut it for propriety. Haha.
Little did I know that Phyllis was being a female Santa that same night!


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