Can we sail to Spain, just me and you?

I’m back and want to let you know that I haven’t given up my new posting regime already! I have just been in Barcelona for the past eight days! Since this started out as a travel blog, I feel terrible for not updating when I have actually been traveling. Over the next few posts I’ll talk about the trip and my recommendations for a holiday there.

I have been wanting to go to Spain for ages. So, when I found out Feraz had a week off between his papers being due and his classes starting up again I quickly suggested that we do an early Valentine’ day trip to Spain. We had initially planned to do Madrid and Barcelona but upon arriving in Barcelona we realized that there was a ton to do right there and it might be stretching it too thin to go to Madrid as well. (Not to mention the 80 euros for the train ticket.)

Feraz and I spent our time at a wonderful bed and breakfast. I swear by bed and breakfasts and try to avoid hotels at all costs. I recently read an article in which the author describes hotels as horrible, depressing places. I have to agree. The ‘hospitality’ feels artificial. The same floral patterns, tv armoires and generic art work are down right creepy and even the fancy soaps and shampoos don’t begin to make up by the sterile, coldness of hotels. But at a bed and breakfast you meet wonderful people, you get to see unique homes and wake up to a delicious breakfast.

We really lucked out on the place that we stayed at and I would highly, highly recommend it to anyone going to Barcelona. From the moment we got there we felt at home and welcome. Our hosts explained all the basics to us and recommended a marvelous place for dinner. It was the perfect introduction to what would be a great holiday…


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