World Cup = Bore Cup

The opening round of the World Cup ended with a bang with Switzerland, a mediocre European team, beating the pre-tournament favourites, Spain. About bloody time. This World Cup has been really boring so far. Almost every match is low scoring with with the end result either being 0-0, 1-1, or 1-0. Maybe the shock of Spain’s loss will liven things up a bit. I still fully expect Spain to qualify for the next round, and even win the World Cup, but they’ll have to do a lot better to do that. This loss doesn’t suddenly mean that Spain can’t be considered serious contenders for the World Cup, it was after all only their second loss out of 37 matches – a run which started shortly after exiting the last World Cup in 2006. They’ll probably make up for this loss with a huge win in their next match.

And with Spain’s loss (or Switzerland’s win), the first round of matches came to an end. Now the real fun begins…I hope! Things started promisingly last night with a 3-0 win for Uruguay over South Africa. This was the first match of the second round of matches of the opening group stage of the World Cup. Now the teams which disappointed in their first matches have to improve and get something from their second matches to qualify for the next round. I think teams were more afraid of losing than anything else in their opening fixtures which is why there were so many poor matches and draws. But with their second games, teams have to come out and play, take risks, score or be scored upon, to stay in the World Cup. BRING.IT.ONN!

Today’s predictions:

Argentina vs. South Korea: Hopefully this’ll be another win for El-Diego and his boys but it could also be a draw. Both teams won their first matches so they’re the favourites from their group to move on.

Verdict: 1-0 to Argentina

France vs. Mexico: Both teams drew their opening fixtures so this is going to be another hard one to call. France are crap, and Mexico are looking a little shaky (but who hasn’t?). I can’t see France winning, which means it’ll either be a win for Mexico or a draw. The safe bet would be a draw with the way things have been going so far.

Verdict: Draw


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