Quarter-Final Predictions

Uruguay v. Ghana
I think every neutral wants Ghana to do well and give Africa something
to shout about by having a team in the World Cup semi-finals for the
first time. If you’re not Uruguayan, you probably don’t care what
happens to Uruguay and couldn’t care less if they got knocked out
tomorrow. My heart wants Ghana to win, but my head says Uruguay are
just a little too good for the Africans. Uruguay are a well-organized
team and actually have the best World Cup record of any nation if you
take into account the size of their population, a paltry 3 million
people. They’ve won the World Cup twice, back in 1930 and 1950, but
haven’t done better than the second round since 1970 until this years
competition. They’re in the quarter-finals now, and you’ve got to
give them an edge over Ghana just based on pedigree alone. However,
Ghana are a dangerous team. They’re strong, and fast, and have almost
boundless energy. Put that together with the support they’ll get from
the fans in the stadium and you’ve got the makings of an upset.

Very tough to call taking everything into account. You’ve got to
fancy Ghana’s chances though if the match goes it into extra-time
because of their phenomenal levels of stamina. I think they just
might squeeze past Uruguay in a tense match which will go down to the
wire. Host nations have a history of performing well in World Cups,
and Ghana’s basically the host nation now with the support of the
entire continent behind them. Ghana wins.

Brazil v. Holland
Two giants of the game promise an attacking match with plenty of goals
to keep everyone happy. Everyone knows Brazil are the best, they’ve
won the World Cup 5 times and look set to make South Africa 2010 World
Cup #6. However, they’ve still got a couple of matches to play before
even getting to the final and this match-up against Holland isn’t
gonna be a walk in the park. Holland have been unstoppable so far,
having won all of their matches both qualifying for, and at the actual
World Cup. Could they cause an upset and beat Brazil to make it to
the semi-finals?

Brazil don’t play with the creativity and flair that we’re used to
anymore. They still regularly win matches, but not with the panache
and style of yesteryear. Holland are chronic underachievers. They’ve
made it to the World Cup final twice, but lost both times to the host
nation. This might even turn out to be quite a stale match with both
sides canceling each other out. I’d like to see Holland advance, but
I just can’t Brazil leaving the World Cup this early like in 2006.
Brazil wins.

Spain v. Paraguay
Easy win for Spain. Nuff said.

Argentina v. Germany

Oooh…I’m licking my lips at this one! Germany were hugely
impressive against England, demolishing us 4-1, and Argentina have
been the best team at the tournament so far, easily seeing off the
likes of Mexico to keep their 100% record intact. Although he hasn’t
scored, Messi’s been making some nice plays and everything’s set up
for him to dominate during the closing stages of the tournament. As I
wrote previously though, the best thing about Argentina is Maradona.
I just love that guy! Check out the way he wears his suit, and the
faces he makes, and just how GOD DAMN COOL HE IS. I really hope
Argentina win the World Cup so I can see him going mental in the

Germany’s young guns have proved to everyone that they’re a force to
be reckoned with. They may not win the tournament this year, but they
will be hot as hell in future tournaments and will be very hard to
beat. One of their star performers has gotta be the Turk, Mesut Ozil.
You’ll hear his name a lot in the coming years as he’s bound to make
an impact in the Champions League sooner, rather than later. Germany
has the most diverse team at the World Cup with something like half
their team being dual nationals. England need to learn a thing or two
from them and start blooding some naturalized citizens in their team


Argentina wins in an entertaining match that’ll be closer than you
think. As they proved against England, Germany are a real threat on
the counter-attack and Argentina will need to be wary of that danger
or face the consequences. Messi will shine, and Tevez will score.
Easy peasy.



  1. Argentina & Germany game was amazing! i actually picked right with germany. My prediction will be germany will win against spain now. will be germany and netherlands in the finals.

  2. That's a pretty safe bet but there's been so many upsets in this World Cup that I wouldn't be surprised if Germany lost after killing Argentina 4-0. Who are you picking to win the whole shabbang?

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