112 for 2012

A blogger that I regularly read, Aisha Iqbal, does a list of things she wants to accomplish every year. Even though I am a little late to the game I thought it was a great way to set goals and keep life interesting. Here are my 112 for 2012. I will try to pop in every week or two with updates.

1. Publish one article.
2. Read 24 books.
3. Join the gym.
4. Make perfect rice three times in a row.
5. Do not go on the internet outside of work for 1 week.
6. Visit at least one new country.
7. Visit three new states.
8. Go to Michigan at least six times.
9. Get at least one new mentor.
10. Meet ten new people who I like enough to send a New Years card to.
11. Run one race, no matter the length.
12. Make something that will outlive me.
13. Attend Qasar’s wedding.
14. Go to Pakistan.
15. Reunite with at least one old friend from high school.
16. Sell or give away everything in my Ebay box at home. (This is a box of things I plan to sell on Ebay one day.)
17. Take a weekend trip with just Feraz.
18. Buy a car.
19. Speak at one conference.
20. Not say anything mean or negative for one week.
21. Go on a  hike.
22. Bake a treat for all the people in our building.
23. Invite all the people in our building for a get together.
24. Hand out candy on Halloween.
25. Throw one surprise birthday party.
26. Host a gift exchange at a random time of the year.
27. Learn to knit.
28. Send five birthday cards in the mail.
29. Send five care packages in the mail.
30. Pay for a stranger’s cup of coffee.
31. Hand out ten $5 subway gift cards to homeless people.
32. Host ten dinners.
33. Lose ten pounds. (I am on a ten roll here.)
34. Smile more.
35. Break my sugar addiction.
36. Go on a run outside.
37. Paint something for the house.
38. Take Feraz to the UP.
39. Make a Ramadan calendar like an advent calendar.
40. Decorate the house for Eid.
41. Host chand raat if we are not in Michigan for Eid.
42. Give Feraz his birthday, Eid, anniversary gifts, etc. on the actual day.
43. Write a meaningful card for each.
44. Forgive everyone I have ever been mad at.
45. Become friends with at least one of the fifty bloggers I read regularly.
46. Organize my pictures.
47. Buy a real camera.
48. Take a photography class.
49. Take a sewing class.
50. Make a friend that sews.
51. Fix my MacBook Pro.
52. Be happy with my teeth.
53. Make an effort to look nice even when I am home with just Feraz. Does anyone else look like a total slob when they are just around their partner?
54. Drive by myself at least five times.
55. Mentor someone.
56. Have an idea that contributes to society and execute it.
57. See four shows at the theatre.
58. Memorize Surah Yasin.
59. Write 20 letters. And mail them.
60. Don’t gossip and don’t listen to other people gossiping.
61. Learn a dance for Qasar’s wedding.
62. Pack 14 lunches.
63. Call my grandma in Pakistan three times.
64. Have at least five guests at our house.
65. Make a fire in our fireplace.
66. Make s’mores on the fireplace.
67. Create a frame gallery for our hallway.
68. Ask the landlord if I can paint the pantry cabinet.
69. Go to three museums.
70. Do a puzzle.
71. Don’t drink soda for one month.
72. Go to a baseball game.
73. Go to a basketball game.
74. Be good at taking compliments.
75. Go to a comedy club or show.
76. Write a fan letter.
77. Grow something.
78. Visit the Library of Congress.
79. Go on a road trip.
80. Write my will.
81. Create a scholarship.
82. Take Feraz to NYC.
83. Go to Luray Caverns
84. Learn to swim.
85. Take a self-defense class.
86. Buy pepper spray.
87. Go shooting.
88. Fly a kite.
89. Do a photo shoot with Feraz.
90. Color my own hair.
91. Fill out a nice comment card.
92. Take the day off on my birthday.
93. Make a surprise cake.
94. Go to a national park.
95. Memorize a poem.
96. Email an old teacher.
97. Visit someone sick. Take them something happy.
98. Be kind when it is hard.
99. Do something around the house that I would usually ask or expect Feraz to do.
100. Have a picnic.
101. Laugh until I cry.
102. Return books I have borrowed.
103. Stay up all night.
104. Sell something on Ebay.
105. Contribute something on Wikipedia.
106. Make an origami something.
107. Watch movies all day.
108. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
109. Have a candle lit dinner.
110. Send someone flowers just because.
111. Make Feraz a really good breakfast in bed.
112. Write a list of 113 things I want to do in 2013.



  1. Cary-O, Let me know which ones you would like to help with! I need to put up an update. I am making some good progress! Let me know if you make the list, I would love to see it!

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