Sleep and I’ll Be Your Mirror

Today was one of those days which I was so tired. I just floated through it and have somehow found myself sitting on my couch with a computer in my lap as I try not to drift off to sleep.

All of last night I had one of those strange experiences where you are in a strange dream state where you are not really sleeping. I would get up and walk around but still felt like I was in the reality that was happening in my dream. I was having a nice dream so it wasn’t that bad but it was unsettling because I knew in the far recesses of mind that what I thought was happening was not happening.

Here are three interesting facts about dreams:

  • Animals dream too. Armadillos dream the most.
  • We can only see faces we have actually seen in our dreams. The face may be the face of someone we saw in passing and do not remember but our mind does not make up faces on its own. 
  • The average person spends six years of her life dreaming.

Here is a video for one of my favorite songs with clips from one of my favorite movies. Please watch it and be happy.


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