What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness.

There is something about this quote that pains me. Maybe it is the truth of it. A very basic and obvious truth but still one that unsettles me. At this age, I should not be surprised that people who are considered traditionally attractive are given more allowances, are more easily forgiven and are generally favored. I should not be bothered that people who are considered traditionally unattractive are treated as though they are invisible, looked over for partnership and treated more harshly.
But it does bother me. I wish this very childish wish, that we could see each other for what we are and look beyond hair texture, pant size, height, complexion and every other superficial thing. 
The most disturbing part is not that these shallow traits prevent us from seeing the goodness in others but that they prevent us even from seeing the goodness in ourselves. In a society that has created and valued impossible and ridiculous standards of beauty, it is a revolutionary act to love ourselves. 

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