old friends in new places

We’ve been quite lucky to meet up with a lot of friends during our trip here. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we got to meet up with our friend Rebecca who I also visited in Kenya but our fun reunions didn’t end there!

This is our friend Phil. We met him in while we were in Istanbul and he was visiting his friend David and became quick friends. We were quite fortunate that he overlapped living in DC with us because we were able to spend more time with him but he wasn’t in the States for long. He’s lived in Uganda, South Africa and now in London where he seems to have settled into a job where he has to wear collar shirts (but still jeans on the bottom). He’s all grown up now!

We also were able to spend time with our friend Charmian and her boyfriend Steve. Charmian and Feraz did their masters together and have that special librarian bond. She was in New York for her brother’s wedding last year and we were able to have her stay with us for a few days afterwards. We got to see both her and Phil for dinner and a comedy show. We were so happy they both took time to come out on a weekday!

We met David and Khristin in the most random way. We were staying at a bed and breakfast in Selcuk in Turkey and the four of us were all having breakfast on the roof. We decided to sit together and started talking and just hit it off immediately. We realized that we were planning to see some of the same sites and became travel buddies. When we were leaving Selcuk, we invited David and Khristin to visit us on their way back to Istanbul and luckily they did! We have been friends ever since! They are Canadian but soon after we met they moved to Paris for work and we’ve been able to visit them twice there and we have been able to meet with David whenever he comes through DC for work.

A few days into our trip, we got an email checking in from them and they mentioned that they would be in London and how it made them think of us. Imagine how exciting it was to tell them that we were IN LONDON! We quickly arranged a meet up and got to spend a lovely afternoon with our dear friends that the universe brought to us in the most random of places.

Our reunions weren’t just limited to friends but family as well. My cousin Asad has been studying in London and I haven’t seen him since he was just a little kid seven years ago in Pakistan. It was so great to meet up with him and for Feraz to finally meet him. Its so strange to see him all grown up as I still remember him as a little kid who used to chase after his older brothers wanting to do everything they were doing. Thanks for coming all the way out to meet us!
And there are some reunions that don’t need words. Here is Feraz with his cousin Zeeshan who was his first childhood friend and lifetime love. 
For the rest of our pictures from London and Greenwich, click here.

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