Wales and Shared Histories

Just another day in Wales.
When Feraz first moved to the US, he used to work a part time job at a store and would save up all his money so he could go back to the UK for the summer. Of all the places that he loves in the UK, he loves Aberdare, Wales, the most. When we went to the UK together for the first time, it was the place that he was most excited to take me to. 
This time while we were in the UK, we visited Wales again. We went to Newport where Feraz’s cousin lives and one day we were able to drive to Aberdare. As we drove past the front of Feraz’s childhood home, we could look out and see endless green. “That was the view I would walk out to every day,” Feraz said. Looking out at the rolling hills and his boys school below, it is easy to see why Feraz will always compare the rest of his life to those idyllic days of his childhood.
These kids are having such an amazing childhood. I can easily see them always looking back at these years as fondly as Feraz does.
I love that I am able to see this part of Feraz’s life. That I have walked through the corridors of the hospital in which he was born, that I have gone down the path he used to take to school each day and that I have seen his Uncle’s home where he spent so many holidays and has so many memories of growing up with his cousins.
Us on August 16, 2012. Nine years!
I like how over the years of our marriage, we have developed joint histories. After hearing so many stories of his youth, and having visited some of the places that he grew up in, I feel as if I have been able to share in Feraz’s experiences and through him I have had some of those glorious days of childhood that he remembers. I hope in the same way, although he has never visited them, the streets of Pakistan feel familiar to Feraz. And that when he finally does get the chance to go there, I hope he feels as connected to it as I do to his birthplace.

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  1. wow- 9 years congrats!! I feel like I vaguely remember when we were in bio together and you told me you had a wedding coming up. seems like a long time ago 🙂

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