Konya, Turkey

I signed up on CouchSurfing.org years ago when I wanted to go on a solo trip to Iceland. My roommate Cyan had been a host and I thought it would be a good way to make some friends while I traveled. The website connects people who need a couch to crash on and hosts that want to help out travelers. There are also options to list yourself as being available to meet up for coffee or hang outs. As I was planning my trip to Konya, I thought it would be fun to give it a try.

I emailed three people and within eleven minutes, Gulcan replied. We coordinated and soon I was all set with a place to stay the very next day! Gulcan was so sweet and even picked me up from the bus station at 6 am! (You can book a ticket at the Metro office in Taksim for 65 TL each way and the Metro office provides you with a complimentary shuttle to the buyuk otogar.) My time in Konya would not have been half as fun if I hadn’t stayed with Gulcan and her mom.

To read more about the trip, click here.

Gulcan’s mother prepared this lovely breakfast for us on my first morning there.

Huuuuge tray of borek that Gulcan’s mom made.

Gulcan’s friends.
Another amazing breakfast.
Grapes growing on Gulcan’s balcony.

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