Michigan in October

We are so lucky to be able to visit Michigan two months in a row! We came in October for Feraz’s birthday and to celebrate Eid. We are here again for Thanksgiving now! Before this trip gets away from us, I wanted to share some photos from our last trip here.

Found a great abandoned railroad track to photograph.
My friend Sara has been getting a lot of mice visitors in her house. They capture them in live traps and then keep them in a critter box until they can release them. We went to Belle Isle to set this little one free!
We had some time to visit the two University of Michigan campuses near us. It was such a walk down memory lane. Go visit your alma maters! Its so much fun.
We stopped in Bay City for Feraz’s birthday dinner.
Feraz has been praying in some random spots on our road trips. On our last one he decided to stop and pray in a mall parking lot in Lima, Ohio. I think I prefer empty playgrounds.
Good times! Can’t believe how much the law school has changed! Its beautiful.
Camera wars. I love *Sara. She is for keeps.
You can see the full set here. It includes Eid pictures!

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