Remembering Valentine’s Days of Yesteryears

I love Valentine’s Day. Each year I try to do some fun things and make it really special for Feraz. This morning, I made him breakfast in bed. The only problem is that he woke up before I finished making breakfast and I had to run to the room and tell him to get back in bed and wait five minutes.

Have you ever made your own Valentine’s Day card? I highly recommend it!

I got Feraz’s breakfast ready, gathered up his presents and went to ‘surprise’ him in the room. As we sat there with the rays of the morning sun hitting us as we had our breakfast, I thought, this is the good stuff. I am so grateful for this life we have together.

And as I thought that, I thought of why I wanted to do this for Feraz. I know a lot of people look at Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday and are hesitant to celebrate it. I actually think Feraz is one of those people! But every day, he does the little things that are the true marks of love. He goes to work every day and supports us, he makes me tea twice a day, he picks up after himself, takes care of any dishes there are in the sink and whenever I want to have a dance party, he always, always humors me.

Love is something we both work at all the time. Our marriage is something that we both work at all the time. And even though it is far from perfect, I am so thankful for our life together. It is a life in which we have made our family our priority and because of that we have so much time to give to each other. I want to take advantage of every excuse there is to celebrate that!

Molasses cookies. Nomnomnom.
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Nomnomnom.
And here are some pictures from past Valentine’s days.
Valentines Day 2010: Spain! Ahh, the joys of living in Istanbul where we were able to go on a long weekend trip to Spain. 

Valentines Day 2011: We decided to drive out to Shanendoah, have diner food (such a treat when you live in DC!) and check out the icicles.

Valentines Day 2012: It was a lovely day at home that ended with a candle light halal Chinese dinner!


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