I swear that all these robots live on coffee and donuts

This morning,  Feraz and I went to see our new place. We are moving- again! Third apartment in three years in DC. We are moving to Pentagon City to live closer to Feraz’s brother and to down size our life a bit. I was really against living in VA but Feraz found us such an amazing and reasonably priced place that there was no way I could resist. We are going to be able to paint and have more freedom with the space, so I’m really looking forward to that as well! Cheet-o orange walls anyone? Yes, please. 

Salted Caramel donut. Sticky on the fingers but worth the mess.

After we finished meeting with the landlord we drove to the new donut place, Zeke’s Donutz in Dupont. Today was their grand opening and they were giving away free donuts for the first 200 customers. Anytime we hear free and donut in the same sentence, we are there! Unless the sentence is “Eat this donut and get shot for free.”  There was great music playing so I danced while we waited our turn in line. I figured I could eat the donut guilt free after two minutes of dancing so I helped myself to some of Feraz’s donut too.

After the donut run, Feraz wished me luck as I drove home. Although I started driving again toward the middle of last year, I had still been pretty hesitant to drive in the city until about a week ago. A friend needed a ride to the embassy so I offered to take her. It wasn’t bad at all! I actually gained so much confidence in my city driving that I even drove in New York while I was there this past weekend! But even with that bevy of accomplishments, I am still a very green city driver and am not used to parallel parking.

Luckily, when I pulled up to our house, I saw a huge spot right out front. As I was about to park, a guy in a Mercedes came and reversed his car to the back of the spot forcing me to parallel park between his car and another. I rolled down my window and asked if he would mind pulling up so I could pull in behind him and he looked at me as if I told him I had murdered his first born and said, “Yes, I would mind.” Then he made a show of getting out of the car to make sure I wouldn’t hit his. I considered just looking for another spot but the expression on his smug Tagg Romney looking face wouldn’t let me. I took a deep breath and pulled into that spot like I was born to perform that one act. It was truly beautiful. I got out of the car, turned to his girlfriend and said, “You should leave this douche bag. He is going to be a horrible father.” Well, I didn’t really “say” that in the conventional manner but I did say it in my head. Twice.



  1. best of luck to you in NOVA! we had a hard time leaving DC and still miss it fiercely but we certainly enjoy many perks in our new place too (chief among them: reduced amount of sketchy characters, dog waste, and broken glass everywhere).

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