Internet/Cable-Free Update

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So, as promised, here are my final thoughts on our internet/cable-free life and what I have learned from it.

We went internet-free for about six weeks and I held out for about two more weeks after Feraz got internet in the house. One day, I needed to get something done at home and decided to see if I could guess the password. Three tries later, I had “hacked” into our internet and since then its been a bit of a downward spiral.

These are the books I read while we didn’t have internet:

What the Dog Saw and Other Stories
The 19th Wife
Detroit: An American Autopsy
The Toss of a Lemon
This is a Book by Dmetri Martin
London Fields
The Invention of Everything Else
The Snows of Kiliminjaro and Other Stories
Casual Vacancy
Running With Scissors
Spot of Bother

This is what I have read since we got the internet again:

On the Road
The Reluctant Fundamentalist

My house is messier, the meals I make are more rushed, I’m less likely to work out, etc. etc. Feraz and I have actually had meals where we are both on our computers. We talk less, spend less time in our family room together and more time watching our own shows or browsing the internet.

So, why am I back on the internet? That devil for who we sacrifice so much – “convenience.”

On the bright side, we still don’t have cable.


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