Feraz Turns 34

A few weeks ago we received the approved home study for our adoption.

One of our favorite lines in the home study was, “Mr. Ashraf is a 34 year old Indian man.”

Feraz read it and laughed but a sad laugh. “That looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? A 34 year old Indian man.”

Although Feraz hadn’t quite had his birthday yet, I think seeing that big number scared him a little bit.

When looking for balloons a lady actually said, “There is a helium shortage. You aren’t going to find any helium in this town.” We found some. Booyah. 

I decided that I would help make Feraz’s birthday great and filled of love so it would help him see that even though the years passing by is scary, those years have given us time to fill our lives up with happy memories, friends and more reminders of the beauty of life.

Cake time.
We kicked off his birthday activities in Michigan where I threw him a Surprise! party at Lucky Strike.

Kids in good position.

The best part of this party was that Feraz was actually surprised!

The next day we went to my parents and my mom took us out for a birthday lunch since we wouldn’t be able to go to dinner that night because of my cousin’s wedding.

This is not my Mom.

On the morning of Feraz’s actual birthday, I woke him up with breakfast in bed and a card.

Feraz was too tired to eat and asked it I could put it in the microwave. Breakfast in bed always works on TV!
I decorated our ugly wall with a Congratulations! You are a 34 year old Indian man sign. I just used little index cards and wrote funny inside jokes and song lyrics on each one to make it a bit more personal.

I think he liked it.

That evening we went out to dinner with a couple of friends at a little hole in the wall like place that Feraz wanted to check out.

Afterwards, we went to Courthouse cinema (the BEST movie watching experience!) to see Captain Phillips. All in all, it was a 10/10 birthday!


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