Ecuador – Ten-Year Anniversary Trip

The view from our first hotel.

I have been meaning to post pictures from our Ecuador trip for a long time but the sad thing is that I lost  almost all of the pictures from the trip! Every time I would sit down to write the post I would feel too bummed that all the pictures were gone (and for someone who doesn’t remember anything like me, all the memories too).

Luckily, I have over twenty pages of journaling from the trip that I look forward to reading with Feraz. When we went on our five-year anniversary trip to Costa Rica, we made a bucket list of things we wanted for our relationship by our ten year anniversary. Sadly, I have no idea where that list is now, but I do remember that one of the funny things we wrote on there was to stay within five pounds of the weight we were then. Hahahahahahaha. Ha. Well, on that note, here are some pictures from our trip!

Happy camper on our balcony.
Happy camper at our first meal in Ecuador.
Stunning bus rides.
I had great aim with that thing. I would have been good in the wild.
This guy wouldn’t have made it.
See what I mean?
What the heck is that thing?
This guy had a more approachable vibe.
The boat that took us down the Amazon. 
The sweet little hotel Feraz booked for our anniversary.
It had its own llamas!
Our cabin. A man made our fire every evening.
Feraz was genuinely trying to be nice here but this picture makes him look like a horrible foreign tourist. 
You know. 
On our actual anniversary day. One of the few pictures we have together but lets be real, I’m posting this because my cheekbones look good and you can barely see my second chin. 
You can see the rest of the pictures I uploaded over here


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