Snow in DC

These boots have served me well. They protected me through many brutal Ann Arbor winters, through one of the worst winters in Istanbul’s history, through visits to Feraz in blustery London and have been put to much good use in a many corner of the world. But when it comes to snow and DC- they have not had their day. 
Until today.
This morning the day was still and even though snow days were being announced across the city, there wasn’t even a flurry to be seen. Knowing that our office doesn’t close, I headed off to work. Throughout the day, I saw messages from friends enjoying their day of freedom and as the hours passed, the snow did begin to fall. I sat at my desk, patiently getting through my work, knowing that I would have my moment.
When I got out of work, everything was deserted. 
It was deserted enough that I could sing out loud without anyone giving me the side eye. I could dance a little. I could slide a lot and if I fell after taking a footie, no one would be the wiser. 
I am not a big fan of snow but when it is a novelty, when it is so quiet outside, when each snowflake is glistening like a diamond, when I remember winters upon winters sludging around with my siblings, when I watch my feet gliding through the white powder, I can’t help but think for right now, in this moment, its kind of perfect.


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