Graduations, Supper Clubs and Sleepovers

Our weekend started off misleadingly low key with a movie and dinner at Feraz’s brother’s place. The rest of the weekend would be a bit of a blur. Saturday morning I woke up early to help prep for my sister-in-law’s graduation. She is a rockstar who graduated with a JD from Yale Law and a MPhil from Oxford, as a Rhoades scholar, and managed to pop out two kids along the way. I would say that deserves a glittery Congrats banner, wouldn’t you??
After the graduation party, I headed home to cook for supper club. One day I will write a post about supper club but for now I will let it mysteriously pop up on my blog via 3-4 pictures. Please see below.
It is only appropriate to end the supper club photo series with this especially mysterious looking photo.
We wanted to rush home from supper club because we were having an impromptu sleepover. Our friends need a place to crash and they had baby August with them so we could not resist. We ended up playing games and having shenanigans until two or three in the morning. I love my cozy house and my cozy friends and holding sweet brand new cozy babies. 
The next day it felt like a Herculean effort to leave the house by three pm but somehow we managed to do it and were able to make it to the DC Youth Poetry Slam semi-finals at the National Portrait Gallery. I expected a few of the kids to be good but man, they were all amazing! They had such confidence and told the most heartbreaking stories in the most beautiful ways. It was a sharp reminder of how much some kids endure. They rhymed about rape, domestic violence, bullying, teen pregnancy, abortion, identity, sexuality and so many other intense topics. Really inspiring- I hope we get to check out the finals.
We appropriately headed over to Busboys and Poets with some friends and had a lovely dinner chatting and enjoying each other’s company. We made it home just in time to catch Sherlock and kiss another wonderful weekend goodbye. 

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