Tennis, Chain Restaurants and the Super Bowl!

This past weekend was filled with great weather. It always feels a bit like winning the lottery finding a $5 bill in your pocket when you get to go outside and play tennis in the winter. We got some good games in on both Saturday and Sunday. Yippie ki-yayy!

After some solid tennis, we headed to Denny’s because we had a free coupon. Yup. That happened. Did you know that you can get two eggs, two pancakes and hash browns for FOUR DOLLARS at Denny’s? It was amazing. I think we will be going to Denny’s a lot more often in the future.

To cleanse ourselves of the Denny’s binge we headed to Trader Joe’s (What’s up with all these apostrophes in our Saturday destinations?). We loaded up on groceries and then went to do a quick visit with Feraz’s brother. We had a good time playing with Safa and had to head out after a quick cup of tea because I was going to yoga with a friend.

I went to yoga for the first time in ages and ages and it felt great to be on the mat, to listen to my breath and to be around my old teacher. Afterwards, my friend and I went to Red Toque, one of my favorite restaurants from our old neighborhood and picked up sandwiches to eat back at our place. It was such a nice chill evening. Tennis, diner food, Safa, yoga and friends! What a day! And the weekend was only half over!

Sunday was pretty chill. We ran errands and went to my friend’s apartment where she had rented out the movie room to watch the super bowl. There was a great spread and I don’t think anyone watched a minute of the game, though we did catch the halftime show. We had to rush out a little early to get home in time to watch Sherlock. May have been the best one since it came back on!


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