Olympics, Pakoras, Babies and More Babies

People + Pakoras = PARTY.

Feraz and I started off our weekend by going to an Olympics Open Ceremony watching party. We were asked to bring our favorite international dish so of course I showed up with pakoras. One girl brought home made baklava and it was ridiculous. She shared the recipe which I can’t wait to try out. She said it was her first time making baklava and it came out amazing! Hopefully that means it won’t be too crazy hard to make!

New moms deserve cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

Saturday was one of those ideal days. I went to yoga in the morning, came home and made cookies and played with Safa. That quickly took me to 6 pm. I quickly got ready to meet my new friend Julia for dinner and to talk about adoption. Julia adopted her daughter from Korea and I recently emailed her an SOS asking for a pep talk as we struggle with the adoption process and the waiting. It was so great to just talk about it and be around someone who had gotten through it successfully. The adoption journey has been trying. It sucks to want to parent so badly and to know that so many kids need good homes but have to sit back and do nothing while you wait for the match. But as I have heard so many adoptive parents say, you end up with the child you are destined to be with and when that happens, all the waiting makes will have been worth it.

Baby whisperer. NBD.

After the dinner we went for a late night meet-up with our friends who recently welcomed their sweet daughter into the world. They were so chill and relaxed. It was great to see and I admire their strength in the first weeks of parenthood!

We spent the next day visiting more friends. There were five little kids at their place but they all mostly played with each other and it was amazing to see how the kids kept each other entertained. Should we change our aspirational number of 4 kids to 5?? Feraz always reminds me – We have to get to one first! But what is a silly thing like reality to keep one from dreaming??

Does well with kids of all ages.

After hanging out with our friends we went home to meet our other friend for dinner and then headed to our place to watch Rush. It was a great story. Definitely worth watching. It was a good thing I got all that hanging out and fund our of my system over the weekend because I ended up having the stomach flu for the next two days! THE WORST!


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