Valentine’s Day – Michigan Trip

 To me there are few things more romantic that Valentine’s Day in Michigan. I was excited to be getting in the night before and to have a full day in Michigan to celebrate with my number one squeeze but mother nature did not cooperate with my plans. My flight was canceled because of a DC ‘snowstorm” and rescheduled for the following evening. It was fun to be at the airport on Valentine’s Day becuase of all the flowers, reuniting loves and candy all over the place. Luckily I was still able to get to Detroit in time to meet my valentine to go to our favorite restaurant together.

I remember pulling up so many times to this sign and enjoying endless delicious and fun dinners with friends and the cute guy below. My first “move” on Feraz was made in Cederland when I left him a note and drawing in one of the plants there. A lot of the college kids used to go there to eat when we were in school and it seemed so risqué at the time. Aww, Michigan Muslims circa early 2000s. We were so sweet.

There is a waitress who worked there who really didn’t like us. We think it’s because we just didn’t eat very much food so our bill was always low. It got to the point that we would avoid sitting in her section or even letting her see that we were there. Years later, we are not sure she remembers us but now she is always so nice. The passage of time can change so much, can’t it?
And he popped the question! Romance.

We spent the next day seeing our good friends and their adorable kids, catching up Feraz’s aunt and family and attending the aqiqah of our Michigan moved to DC moved back to Michigan friend’s little son. I love it when there is a big event when we go back because we get to see so many of our friends in one go.

The next day we headed to my parent’s place. Unfortunately, it was snowing and we saw about twenty cars being towed on the hour and a half drive. I will never understand why people drive so fast in slick weather conditions. All was good once we arrived to my parent’s house. My sister came over and we all had lunch together. After that my mom, Feraz and I went to the mall where I finally bought a wedding band ten years later. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! That evening lots of our family came over and the rest of the Shelby trip was spent catching up with relatives and relaxing.

On Monday, we headed back to Canton and on the way we visited our Michigan moved to DC moved back to Michigan friends. They just bought a new house and its incredible to see what the same amount of money can get you in Michigan compared to DC. I will never get over the sticker shock of prices for homes in DC.

I was supposed to head back to DC that night but my flight was cancelled again. I was pretty annoyed by this knowing that my morning flight would probably get cancelled because there was snow in the overnight forecast and sure enough it did. We both eventually got back on a Tuesday evening flight just in time to meet our friend David who was in town from Paris. We had some good times catching up with him over the always classy Dominos dinner! 


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