California 2014 – Meeting Raja Jr.!

We finally were able to head out to California to meet the newest addition to our family. We were so excited to see Raji, my brother and Val to get some California sunshine. 
The first day we went out to SF, there was a ton of fog and we didn’t get to see much of the bridge. But we did go into the city and eat at Chutney, which was amazing.
We had better luck with the bridge the next day. It was perfectly clear and great weather to take a walk.
I have wanted to see the redwoods for as long as I can remember. We got to see them both in Muir Woods and Big Sur. Both trips include many windy roads!

On our way home from Muir Woods we stopped in Sausalito for lunch. It was such a charming little town and I wish we had some more time to explore it.

Val made us some amazing Thai food. How I wish those guys lived closer so I could indulge in more amazing food and Raji/family time!
The best part of the Big Sur trip was stopping at scenic view points and walking around and enjoying the solitude. And running man.
Big Sur Bakery was a bit of a let down in selection but we both loved what we got so would still recommend it for a place for a snack break. Just don’t go there looking for lunch like we did!
We stopped for a rest at the Henry Miller library which was so sweet and peaceful. I wouldn’t miss this even if I wasn’t married to a librarian.
We saw some amazing redwoods. Much better than Muir Woods.
I can’t wait until we have the opportunity to spend at least a few months in the West Coast. We will put our kids in the RV and discover so much beauty. Putting a family in a closed vehicle for months can only end well, right?

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