Our House – the Lowdown

Let me tell you about our dream house first.

My dream home is a ranch. It has three bedrooms and a guest house in the back. It has an open floor plan with tons of windows everywhere. The kitchen, dining and family room all flow into each other.

Let me tell you about the house we bought.

It is three stories, five bedrooms, has an awkward kitchen, a small family room and NO dining room.

So, why did we buy this house? It was because it had a lot of the key things we were looking for that I discussed in yesterday’s post. The location is good, the neighborhood seems amazing and it has generally good bones.

Also, when we were searching for this house we weren’t looking for our forever home. We wanted a house that would let us enter the world of home ownership without too much stress. Something affordable and livable from the day we moved in. The house has a lot of cosmetic things I want to change but I can do them one project at a time as budget and schedule allow.

Best of all, I can share that journey here. I want to see if it is possible to create the house of your dreams on a reasonable budget and without too much stress. Sounds impossible but I’m up for the task!

So, lets take a look at the house!

I have longed dreamed of having a home with a beautiful entryway. With black and white striped hooks to hang coats on. A built in shoe rack that hides shoes away. Maybe some eclectic artwork on the walls?

The Entryway.


Oh, that’s a kitchen you say?

That’s ridiculous! Why would your house open into a kitchen? Maybe because your house was put on the lot backwards? Yes, friends. The back of the house is the front of the house in our place. So, although we do have a door that opens into the family room, the main entry for the house opens into the kitchen.

Otherwise the kitchen is ok. It has nice, new appliances and cabinets and has very recently been redone. Unfortunately it was not remodeled at all how I would have done it. In my own remodel, the cabinets would be white, smooth and have modern fixtures. The backsplash would be a bright color(s) and not that terrible pattern. The counters would be a white marble or wood. And for the love of God, the faucet would be able to detach to wash huge dishes.


I know people are loving on the sterling silver appliances but I just don’t like them. I would have liked to have brought in a vintage dishwasher and stovetop but I can’t justify doing a kitchen remodel right on top of a kitchen remodel so we are going to live with this unless we decide to live in the house for more than ten years.


The family room is on the other side of the kitchen. I know some people love fireplaces but we don’t really care for them. I love how cozy fires are but they are not really worth the trade off of potentially draining heat from your house, the huge mess they can cause and the great expense of keeping your chimney swept and in good order.

See all the locks on the ‘front’ door? I’ll tell you a good story about that one day.


See the door peeking out behind the curtains? That would me the more natural entry point but there is no clear path to that door from the outside. That might be something we add once we tackle the outside landscaping but for now, that door is just going to stay bolted and unused.


This house has rooms for days. Since five bedrooms are more than we practically need and I really love having a dining room, one of the rooms will be ‘converted’ into a dining room. Meaning I will put a dining table in it.


Have you been noticing the terrible wall color? This was another thing that was freshly done and I felt bad spending a bunch of money on it when it didn’t necessarily have to change. My mom said to wait a few years and let the kids mess up the walls and then go ahead and get something freshly done. That way I would value it more and I wouldn’t have to worry too much about the walls while the kid(s) are young.


At the moment, I would love to take gallons and gallons of paint and just do the whole place in a nice dove grey but I think waiting  will also help me get a better feel for what colors will go well with the light in each of the rooms.


The house also has a half finished basement, two full bathrooms and a lot of outdoor space- all of which I don’t have pictures handy. But as I work my way through each of the rooms in the house, you’ll get to peek into those rooms as well.


This house is far from the dream house I want to live in but I’m still glad we bought it. It doesn’t give us any major headaches, it is in a great neighborhood with awesome schools and neighbors and it has good appreciation potential.

I’m looking forwarding to brining it to life!



  1. You can rip out the Fireplace out like we did in our basement, not only did we save on our homeowners insurance, but made it into a TV Stand

    1. If we decide to build out the house to the left, then that wall would come down and we would probably get rid of the fireplace. Right now it doesn’t seem worth the cost to take it out and aesthetically it doesn’t bother me!.

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