Niagara Falls Anniversary Trip

To celebrate our 11th anniversary we took a trip to Niagara Falls. Before going on the trip we though we would make it an annual adventure since we had such a great time last year. Although this year’s trip had some great highlights including staying at an adorable bed and breakfast, discovering Niagara on the Lake, visiting with our friend CD who we met on the last trip and catching an amazing light show, we are not sure we will be making an annual pilgrimage. But we will definitely be back- we have to take the baby to discover the magic of the falls!
The first few days of the trip were exceptional and we managed to get in some of the highlights I mentioned above.  In the middle of the trip we headed up to see Feraz’s friend in the suburbs of Toronto and we had a great time hanging out with them and spending time with their kids. We were able to get in some time apple picking, going to an animal farm and even spending some time in Toronto itself. 

When we got back to Niagara we arrived to a hotel with no electricity. We were able to cancel our reservation but we had to scramble to find another place to stay. I decided to splurge and get us a nice room at the Sheraton, fully equipped with a jacuzzi! After we checked in, we went to see the falls. I hadn’t realized that there were two Sheratons and I booked us in the one that was a trek from the falls! We finally got to the falls but there was a heavy mist and it was difficult to see anything so we decided to go get something to eat instead. 

We finally managed to wrangle up something to eat and watched people doing karaoke at the place we had gone to for my birthday last year. Pretty exhausted, we decided to head back to our hotel. Unfortunately a downpour started and we got soaked in less than a minute. We ran back to our hotel the best we could (there was a very pregnant woman holding us back a bit) and even were able to laugh about it. It was such a relief to sit in the jacuzzi after that excursion!

The next day we wanted to go to Niagara on the Lake or the botanical gardens but the weather wasn’t cooperating. We went to our favorite crepe place from last year and then decided we should head to the airport. We ended up getting there early only to find that our flight was delayed- again and again. Once we finally were on the plane, we were grounded because of bad weather in DC! We ended up sitting there for hours! Another great activity for a pregnant woman! So, in the end, the trip definitely had its highlights but some of the low points left a bad taste in our mouth! In writing it out, I’m not sure we can really blame Niagara Falls for that- we may have to come again next year after all!