Baby A’s first public appearance

We finally had our 20 week appointment. The long road to motherhood has made me more weary of milestones than excited by them. I started to feel the rumbles in my stomach a few days before the appointment. All this time I had been so worried about whether I would have a boy or girl but when the appointment actually drew near, all I could think about was the brain, the heart, the kidneys and so on. Would the baby be healthy?

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As the technician scanned from one organ to another, I just watched with my breath held. I was too scared to ask her if everything was ok. I searched her face for signs of problems but it was blank. Finally I asked, it has a brain, that’s good, right? And she assured me that things were looking fine.

The US soccer team could have used this kicker in their game that day.

That moment was as good as when I found I was pregnant. With continued ‘cautious optimism’, baby A is half way in it’s journey to being in our arms. Praying for a safe and uneventful entry into this beautiful world.