Three Things

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We are off to NYC for the weekend. I have been wanting to go to the Brooklyn Art Library for a while and since I will be with my favorite librarian, I think this weekend will be the perfect time to go. Looking forward to adding our little piece to The Sketchbook Project.

 I can’t stop obsessing over the Kate Spade jewelry sale page. I ordered myself a couple of pairs of earrings from there for my Eid present to myself and I am hooked. I came home to a beautifully packaged shipment and my earrings were in an adorable green and teal jewelry box. I think I’ll be sending the link to Feraz as a go-to gift site.

I just finished reading Instant City. A great look at the history of Pakistan in general and Karchi in particular. I know its been out a while but I just got it and wish I had read it a lot sooner!

Ramadan and Eid ul Adha 2013

Each year, I approach Ramadan with fear and apprehension. I have had some great Ramadans in my life. Ramadans in which tears flowed freely during prayer, where I felt a close connection to God and my fellow human beings, where the fasts meant so much more than hunger and thirst.
This year, I really wanted to get in the spirit of Ramadan. Here are some of the things we did to make our month festive and special. I hope you all had a great Ramadan!

“Ramadan lights”
Jasmine plant that we put our presents under. 

Star lanterns.
Chocolate covered dates. 
Favors for kids who came to the iftaars.
Favors for the adults. Date scones. Nomnom. 
Ramadan banner.
Lots of time with those we love.