Leaving for Pakistan!

After seven years away and almost not being able to board our flight yesterday, we are now waiting in Jeddah for our flight to Pakistan. I am so happy and grateful that Feraz will get to experience the country I love so much with me! Please keep us in your prayers.

An Ordinary Day

Tonight, we had a Friday night like one we have had over a hundred times since we moved to DC. Feraz’s brother, his wife and our little niece came over for dinner. My sister-in-law’s brother and his family, including their two young kids came over as well.

We had a yummy, if not very spicy, dinner and then had dessert. Two desserts in fact. We talked about what had happened in the week and plans we had for the weekend. The kids ran around. They are all under three but are old enough that they can start playing together. They all plop around following one another, learning the basics of human interactions. They are so sweet and innocent.

At one point, four of us were playing Apples to Apples and two of the guys were tossing the kids in the air and catching them in unison. The third baby looked up smiling and we all looked over to watch the very quaint scene. I thought to myself, we are a family and I felt so plainly happy.

I will always remember these days. When our niece is still so little that we can cuddle her in our laps. When all of us have our parents. When all of us have our healthy and our families.

On this tragic day in our country’s history, I am so, so thankful for our ordinary Friday.

Brandon and Kristen Get Married

When my friends Brandon and Kristen told me they were getting married, I was so incredibly excited and happy for them. They are a couple that has stuck with each other through good times and bad and show me the power of commitment and hard work in a relationship.

I was even more excited when I found out their wedding was in Pittsburgh! Feraz and I were really looking forward to check out this city that National Geographic named one of its top 20 places to visit in 2012. Here are some pictures from the wedding and our awesome trip.

We saw the most beautiful sky on the way there.
Entering Pittsburgh. 
At the reception at the church. Feraz had orbs around his head all weekend.
Lisa, Steve and a caricature artist.
A classy groom with embroidered initials. 
Afterwards, we went to see the Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh. This mural of the Bosphorus was the exact view we had from our old apartment in Istanbul. Incredible.
Primanti Brothers is our new favorite restaurant. 
Road tripping requires stretching and donut breaks.

See all the pictures here.