Decorating Fever

Ever since moving to the new place I have been obsessed with reading home decorating blogs. Although our place is a long way from where I want it to be, it has been fun to start getting settled in. Now that winter is in full-gear, (Although DC winter has been laughable so far for this Michigander.) most of us are spending a lot more time at home and its a perfect opportunity to give your home a little pick me up or just have something fun to read while you surf the internet for hours… not that I would ever surf the internet for hours.

My go to blog when I’m looking for a cheaper version of something that I am in love with but am not ready to spend $3,000 on is copycatchic. Every day she finds a great piece and then points you in the direction of a much, much cheaper version.  For instance, she recently found a knock-off of an amazing $5,000 DWR lamp for $300 including delivery! Unfortunately we have way too much lighting in our apt already or I would have picked that up in a heartbeat.
For general styling tips or room decorating ideas I can count on littlegreenotebook.  Jenny, the blogger, used to just blog for fun but so many people wanted to hire her as a decorator that she was able to parlay it into her full time job. (In fact, I think that was the case for all the bloggers I talk about in this post. Pretty cool, huh?) Hers was the first blog I read and I went through the whole thing in just a few days! She also throws in some cute stories about her three little girls and has great ideas for little kids rooms.
My favorite blog of the moment is younghouselove. These are just you regular dick and jane (or sherry and john in this case) who take on massive home remodeling projects without having any formal training. They post about lots of little quick projects you can do around the house to really turn it around but then also post about redoing a full bathroom and other really big projects. They learn as they go and are trying to make the point that home improvement is something anyone can do with a little trial and error. 
So every morning the first thing I do is pour my first cup of coffee and see what these ladies (and one gentlemen) are serving up. The blogs are a fun and relaxing retreat and a great resource for anyone who feels like they have been having the un-cozy home blues.