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San Bernardino

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Nothing can lessen the blow of living in a country in which someone you love can go to a movie theatre, a school or a holiday party and never return because a person who had no business having access to guns did. As a Muslim, I don’t stand with the families of San Bernardino because I feel guilt that my religion prompted two crazies to do an unforgivable act. I stand with the families of San Bernardino because my religion teaches me to repel evil with something better. I stand with the families of San Bernardino because no family should ever, ever have to receive the news that they lost a loved one in such a horrific way and my heart breaks for them.

Many Muslims feel scared, harassed and ostracized but those feelings are nothing compared to what the families of the San Bernardino victims are feeling. They have had to face any person’s worst nightmare and they, more than anyone, need to know that the world still has goodness in it and that it is a world still worthy of meeting with love and compassion. This effort is one small demonstration of hope and I hope that all of us, no matter who we are, follow it up with continued acts of compassion, love and light.

Some folks have started a wonderful initiative on LaunchGood which has raised over $188,000 for the victim’s families. Please click on over there if you would like to support the great cause.

Imagine All the People…

If I started to write about how this past week has made me feel as a Muslim American, I am afraid I would not be able to stop and eventually I would drown in my  own tears- tears shed for those of my fellow Americans who denigrate this wonderful country with their hate, their prejudice and their fundamental disrespect of both Constitutional and humanitarian values. Instead, I will just leave a few images that have been floating around my Facebook feed here.